Moving in, Dying out.

Alright guys. I moved my blog into a new and sexier blog.

So, any news will go there. That’s right. Onion Knight. Now go!


The Official Opening of the D Spot.

Hey guys, I’m Danny, the blog owner of this blog.

This is my first post introducing you to the wonders of my blog that I still haven’t quite figured out yet.

I plan on writing reviews about gaming, life in general, my perception of things or just random things that may or may not interest you. I’ll try to update this blog daily or at least 1 time per week if I can’t. I might be lazy and all but whatever. You may be wondering why it’s called danorexic. Well, it’s a mash up of my name, Danny, and my slight dyslexia that I might or may not have.

I don’t have anything else to say but you guys could help by gifting pictures, videos that are completely kickass or your life story and if it’s awesome, then it’ll be featured onto this blog page. Also, it’s called the D spot because…it’s quite sexual really, the G spot is a certain area where great pleasure can be achieved through touching, rubbing and what not. The D spot is exactly that except that the first letter of my name is there instead of G, it’s the 4th letter of the alphabet so it’s awesomer and great pleasure can be achieved 🙂

Emotes shall be spammed occasionally.

You are warned before entering this site.

Your blog owner,


PS: Nothing fancy with pictures or anything, just dull old introduction.